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SVL 160 Ring and Pinion Gearing

SVL 160 Ring and Pinion Gearing: Aftermarket Replacement Parts for Commercial Applications

SVL brand products are engineered to deliver performance and value, making them the right choice to keep you moving forward while protecting your bottom line. Backed by a six-month or 50,000-mile warranty*, SVL 160 ring and pinion gearing are built to meet the unique demands of the aftermarket.

When it comes to repairing or maintaining your heavy duty vehicles, you can rest assured knowing that all SVL products are engineered to meet the unique needs of the aftermarket—plus they’re backed by an SVL Products warranty* as well as a level of service that’s unmatched in the industry.

  • Maximum value
  • Aftermarket engineered
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Backed by Dana, a trusted supplier

Value-Driven Heavy Duty Ring and Pinions to Fit Your Budget

SVL 160 ring and pinion gearing fits your heavy-duty vehicles—and your budget. Quality steel, heat treatment and machining come together to ensure reliable service and exceptional value. Refer to the chart below to find the ring and pinion that’s right for your vehicle.

Meritor 160, 161, 164 Forward

SVL Part #   Ratio Euroricambi New Star World American EXCEL PAI Meritor
A398801F-15   4.30 81170660 S-C049 A39880-1 ER72470   A-39880-1
A398821F-15   4.56 81170663 S-C050 A39882-1 ER72480   A-39882-1
A396641F-15   4.89 81170666 S-C405 A39664-1 ER72490 BRP-7249 A-39664-1
A396721F-15   5.63 81171398   A39672-1     A-39672-1


Meritor 160, 161, 164 Rear

SVL Part #   Ratio Euroricambi New Star World American EXCEL PAI Meritor
A398885R-15   4.30 81170678 S-A818   ER76880   A-39888-5
A398905R-15   4.56 81170681 S-A819 A39890-5 ER76890 BRP-7689 A-39890-5
A400241R-15   4.89     A-40024-1     A-40024-1
A401045R-15   5.38 81170902 S-11470 A40104-5   940121 A-40104-5
A401065R-15   5.63   S-10105 A40106-5   940122 A-40106-5

With SVL parts, you get more than great value. You also get the peace of mind that comes from selecting parts that are specifically engineered to meet the needs of the aftermarket while still delivering impressive quality for the cost. Click the Order Parts link above for more information about ordering SVL parts, or click the icon on the right to download literature specific to the SVL 160.

In addition, Dana manufactures a range of commerical ring and pinion gearing is engineered to meet the exact requirements of original equipment manufacturers. Look for genuine Spicer commercial ring and pinion gearing over at the Spicer parts website, and explore the benefits for yourself.

*Click here for warranty information about SVL parts.