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SVL Universal Joints for Automotive Applications

SVL Automotive U-JointsGet the u-joints that deliver reliable all-makes quality. SVL automotive universal joints are designed and tested to ensure a combined level of performance and value that the competition cannot match.

Check out the chart below to see which SVL universal joint is right for your vehicle.

SVL Part # Series Meritor Neapco NewStar Dana
15-1204X 1330 CP1204X 2-46900 S9684 5-1204X
15-1206X 1410 CP141N 2-6600 S-1802 5-1206X
15-134X 1310-1330 CP134X 1-0134 S-7023 5-134X
15-153X 1310 CP12X 1-0121 or 1-0153 S-2171 5-153X
15-155X 1550 CP1155X or CP155N 3-0155 S-7024 5-155X
15-160X 1410 CP160X 2-0054 S-2860 5-160X
15-170X* 1000 CP170X 1-1070 S-7026 5-170X
15-178X 1350 CP178X 2-0053 S-7029 5-178X
15-188X 1480 CP118X 3-0188 S-9683 5-188X
15-213X 1330 CP213X or CP148N 2-4800 S-7030 5-213X
15-260X 1310 CP260X 1-0174 S-7434 5-260X
15-3147X S44 CP3147X 2-3011 S-2627 5-3147X
15-353X 1310/7260 CP353X 2-3100 S-9845 5-353X

*For use in PTO Applications only.

SVL parts are available through any local Spicer® parts supplier. If you are a current Dana customer, you can order online by clicking here. You can also locate the SVL parts representative nearest you for more information.

And for automotive universal joints that ensure that you get original equipment performance, Dana manufactures a full range of Spicer u-joints. Visit the automotive u-joints section of the Spicer website to discover the benefits of genuine Spicer quality for yourself.