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SVL Center Bearings for Automotive Applications

Quality Replacement Center Bearings for Automotive Applications

SVL Automotive Center BearingBuilt from high-quality steel and rubber materials, SVL center bearings deliver the reliability you demand for your automotive applications. SVL center bearings are engineered to absorb and isolate the vibrations that can damage your driveline, and they are pre-lubed and sealed for life, so contaminants are prevented from entering. In addition, a corrosion-resistant coating adds extra protection.

Get the alignment and support you need with SVL center bearings, which are manufactured in factories that have been certified to meet the standards set by Dana, the global leader in driveline components. You can rest assured that SVL center bearings deliver the consistent quality you require for your automotive application.

Check out the chart below to determine which SVL center bearing is right for your vehicle. You can also download the literature on left, or contact your SVL parts representative for even more information.

SVL Part # Series F-M Neapco Meritor NewStar Dana
210527XV 1280 HB206FF CN210527X     210527X
211848-1XV 1310 HB88108D N211848-1X     211848-1X
211175XV 1310/1330 HB88107A N211187X     211175X
210088-1XV 1310/1410 HB88107B CN210088-1X CB210088 1X S-7934 210088-1X
212030-1XV 1350   N235150     212030-1X
210866-1XV 1410 HB88508AB CN210866-1X CB210866 1X S-B240 210866-1X
210391-1XV 1410 HB88508E CN210391-1X CB210391 1X S-7020 210391-1X
212093-1XV 1410 HB88108FD       212093-1X
210433-1XV 1480 HB88508B CN210433-1X CB210433 1X S-E319 210433-1X
210207-1XV 1550 HB88509C CN210207-1X CB210207 1X S-C448 210207-1X
211018-1XV Varies   N217042      

Dana also manufactures Spicer center bearings for automotive applications, providing the same quality and performance that you get from original equipment parts. To find the Spicer center bearing part number to fit your vehicle, visit the automotive center bearings page on the Spicer parts website.